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GMC rear disc brake complete kit for two axles Includes: Brackets, Spacers, Bolts, Short Cable Extensions, Stainless Brake Lines, New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers without parking brakes, New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers with parking brakes, and new 11" vented Rotors.   Reduces the weight 12Lbs. per wheel.  $1285.00  Kit # 2700+  

What works the best is to put the non park brake calipers on the front bogie and the park brake calipers on the rear bogie. The non park brake caliper has larger pistons and gives more braking to the front bogie and with only one cable to connect to each side the parking brakes work better. It also includes stainless lines which eliminate a problem with the original rubber flex lines.

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Individual Parts Options:

• Part Number 2700    $360.00
• Part No. DS Dimpled & Slotted Rotors additional $79.95 pair (Slotted Rotor Photo)
• Part No. 3100 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers without parking brakes $120.00 pair
• Part No. 3110 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers with parking brakes $300.00pair
• Part No. 3111 Short Cable Extensions $20.00pair
• Part No. 3708 Braided Stainless hoses 29" & 31" $125.00pair
• (Four lines to fit both rear axles)

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