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1981 to 1998 Ford Sterling Complete Dual Rear Wheel Disc Brake Conversion Kit (12 bolt cover) Includes: Brackets, rotor spacer, fasteners, short cable extension (connects park brake cable), stainless brake lines, 12 3/4" vented Rotors (Minimum Rotor Thickness 28mm), & New (not rebuilt) Calipers with a parking brake. Drum weight 47 pounds. Disc weight 29 pounds. 18 pounds savings in unsprung and rotating weight per side. Fits 16 Inch and Larger Dual Wheels  $1089.95  Kit # 2870+        

WITHOUT a Parking Brake  $869.95  Kit # 2870-   Double Caliper Brackets (Click Here)  

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"Because the dual rear wheel set up can be a challenge, our kit allows the use of the stock dual inter wheel 16" or bigger. We move the caliper in board so this can be done"

To verify you are ordering the correct kit, check the spacing of the axle holes spacing diagram, against your axle housing.

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