To verify you are ordering the correct kit you should check the spacing of the axle holes spacing diagram against your axle housing

Other than the basic kit which will supply the brackets and rotors on your vehicle you will need:  GM Front Calipers without a parking brake 78-83 Monte Carlo.  You can click on these hyperlinks to get a listing of all the calipers you can use if you want to pick them up locally.  (Our calipers include the core charge they are loaded with pads and mounting pins.)

You should also run a flex line from the caliper to the hard line on the rear axle.  The reasons for this is the caliper moves every time you put the brakes on and as the pads wear and you can install new pads easily.  Our flex lines, rubber or braided stainless include the banjo bolts with washers and come with a mounting tab to weld to the rear axle.  You should shorten your hard line to go into the flex line.

Changing to rear disc brakes works perfectly with your ABS system.

If you do not have ABS, we have adjustable proportioning valves that go in the rear line if you are experiencing abnormal rear wheel lock up.

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Copyright © TSM Mfg. Co., Inc.