Mechanical Caliper


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5.5 inch pin to pin mechanical caliper. This caliper will fit all 5.5 inch pin to pin small GM caliper brackets and rotors. You can use our double caliper brackets mounting this MB-5 in one position for your parking brake and the non parking brakes hydraulic calipers part #3100 for your hydraulic brakes. This will give you a trouble free parking brake that will not get out of adjustment and also trouble free hydraulic brakes. This mechanical caliper holds the pads off of the rotor when the cable is released for no drag or pad wear. Uses modified D-154 GM pads. Fits rotor thickness from .5 to 1.3 inches. Cable bracket rotates 360 degrees to hook up your cables in any position.

Part Number MB-5 $280.00 pair


Clevis & Pin

1/4" Diameter Pin 10/32 Female Thread

Part Number 7204  $10.00ea


Clevis $ Pin

1/4" Diameter Pin hooks to cable with a crimped end.

Part Number 7201  $10.00ea

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