New Large GM Front


New (not rebuilt) large GM rear calipers includes:

Calipers, D-122 pads, mounting bolts and caliper parking brake lever, bracket and spring. Piston Diameter 2 13/32. Opens to 1.3 inches 7 inches center to center for the mounting pins. Banjo Bolt thread size 7/16-20.

Part Number 3120 $320.00 pair (left and right)

These calipers are available only from TSM INC. Uses the same pads as the 3121 Caliper 1976 - 1978 Eldorado rear pad. These calipers have a bracket for the cable housing mounted to the caliper. The 3121 Caliper does not have this bracket.

(We do not have the Bracket, Lever, and Spring for sale separately) We Cannot Guarantee these Fit 15 Inch Wheels

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