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'88 - '93 Dana 70 rear disc brake conversion kit includes: Brackets, Spacers, Bolts and new 12 3/4" vented Rotors (You will also need to purchase Calipers and Lines to complete the installation. Options of Calipers with or without a parking brake and rubber or stainless hoses are available in Additional Parts shown below)   Link for info on ABS

Part Number 2680LN    $329.95 pair



Remember.. it fits 16" Single Wheels and larger. It will not fit 15" Single Wheels or Dual Wheels.

Now with CNC cut brackets!!! Reduces the rear brake weight by 70 lbs. Improves ride and rotating weight.

Link for Info on Calipers, Flex Lines Etc.

Additional Parts (Needed to complete installation)

bulletPart No. DS Dimpled & Slotted Rotors additional $79.95 pair Slotted Rotor Photo
bulletPart No. 3010 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers without parking brakes $120.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3700 Rubber Hose 9 1/2" $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3702-8 Braided Stainless hose 8"  $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3120 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers with parking brakes $320.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3701 Rubber hose 9 1/2" $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3703-8 Braided Stainless hose 8" $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3121 New (Not Rebuilt) Calipers with parking brakes $320.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3701 Rubber hose 9 1/2" $50.00 pair
bulletPart No. 3703-8 Braided Stainless hose 8" $50.00 pair




Assembly Instructions

DODGE DANA 70 '87 - '93


(Fits 16" and larger Single Wheel Will Not Fit Dual Wheels)


Parts List

(2) New Vented Rotors

(2) 3 Piece Brake Brackets

(8) 3/16 Inch Spacer

(8) 1/2-20 X 1 1/4 Grade 8 T-Bolts

(8) 1/2-20 Grade 8 Lock Nuts

(16) 1/2-20 x 1 3/4 Grade 8 Bolts

(16) 1/2-20 Grade 8 Nuts

(16) 1/2 Grade 8 Lock Washers

Replacement and Additional Parts

(2) 79 - 87 1/2 Ton 4x4 Chevy Truck Front Calipers.

(2) 76 - 78 El - Dorado rear calipers with parking brakes, pads and mounting screws.

Installation Instructions
bullet1. Remove the axle and hub from the rear end housing in the usual manner. Remove the studs from the hub. Remove the backing plates.
bullet2. Install the rotors on the backside of the hub using the original studs.There are 2 sets of holes for the two different shoulder sizes. Use the holes that fit your studs shoulders.
bullet3. Bolt the base brackets to the housing using the (4) 1/2-20 T-bolts, and Lock Nuts. The brackets can go forward or backward and in a 45-degree or 90 degree position. Also if you turn the bracket over there will be 2 slightly different positions for the caliper. The rear parking brake calipers have their bleed screw in the 90-degree position and the front calipers have the bleed screw in the 45-degree position. Bolt the top bracket to the base with the spacer in between. (The bracket is spaced to the outside of the car toward the rotor. Use the 1 3/4 inch bolts, lock washers and nuts.)
bullet4. Reinstall the hub and rotor assembly and check for runout in the rotor .010 or less is good. Install the calipers just like the front is installed.
bullet5. The calipers move every time the brakes are applied & as the pads wear, we recommend using a flexible brake hose. This also makes it easier to change pads.

Before you disconnect the rear lines, pinch off the rubber line between the frame and axle. This will keep the fluid in the lines and make it easier when you bleed the system.

You must remove the calipers from the bracket and gravity bleed. See troubleshooting sheet.


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